Anti-Germ Multi-Tool Key for Anti-Microbial No Contact Task Distancing Assistance

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Product Summary

The Anti-Germ No Contact Task Distancing Key is a No Contact door opener tool & germ free door opener key made of metal antimicrobial material. The NoContactKey™ will work as a germ free key tool and clean-key. The zinc alloy coated key allows you to keeps your hands free and avoid touching door handles, toilets, key pads, ATM keypads, elevator buttons and store checkout payment pads. Making it an incredibly useful tool for anyone concerned about the Covid-19 Coronavirus.


  • Length: 3.25"
  • Packaging type: Carded Poly Bag
  • Avoid direct contact with shared surfaces
  • Use the tool to push buttons, open doors and flip switches
  • Washable anti-rust surface
  • Zinc alloy coating
  • Avoid contact with germs, bacteria, and the Coronavirus!

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